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Jan 8

Request for EHS Testimonials

Health Symptoms to report

If you suffer due to Electrosensitivity or Electrohypersensitivity and could provide a one-page description of your situation that could be shared (anonymously if you prefer) for the purposes of possible public action and/or legal action, please email wrscouncil@aol.com.

Please include: 

  • any reason(s) you attribute your sensitivity to exposure to electromagnetic radiation; 
  • whether or not your physician has diagnosed ES or EHS;  
  • one-page (or shorter) description of your situation; and 
  • your preferred method of contact if you would consider providing more indepth information now or at some time in the future.

Jun 1

TORONTO - The Ontario government will examine a World Health Organization warning about a possible link between cellphones and cancer, but won't take any immediate action to warn consumers, Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best said Wednesday.

"The United Nations agency reported Tuesday that the type of electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices could possibly cause cancer.

"The New Democrats want warning labels slapped on cellphones and smart phones to caution users about the possible increased risk of cancer, but Best said for now she'll consult more experts.

"I will be speaking with the Ontario chief medical officer of health, as well as Health Canada," she said. "It's a very important issue, and we will monitor and continue to monitor the evidence, the new evidence that has been brought forward."

"Scientists with the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic to humans,"' based on a higher risk of glioma, a rare but often deadly form of brain tumour . . ."

May 5

"Be it resolved that human exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and to radio frequency radiation (RFR) should meet or exceed German 2009 standards."

Apr 26

Parents Against Wi-Fi Gagged by School Board - Peterborough, Ontario

Press Release - Wireless Radiation Safety Council (WRSC)

" . . . A group of concerned parents trying to convince their school Board to remained plugged into the internet with cables, instead of switching on risky microwave transmitters and boosters (WiFi), have been effectively silenced by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

"The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board says the parents may not officially address the Board because their intention is to object to the WiFi system . . ."

Apr 18

"My name is Kathy McDermid, and I am the parent of two children who attend James Strath P. S. in Peterborough. I am here to speak to the fact that our school board is committing grave ethical transgressions in implementing its plan to install wireless internet, or Wi-Fi, in its schools.

"I am not a doctor or a scientist, although I am a health care professional. I believe my professional background enables me to speak with some knowledge about medical ethics. Medical ethics are a set of principles that guide the practice of medicine and medical research. It is a vast field, which rests on three pillars: The Precautionary Principle, Informed Consent, and Transparency.

"The precautionary principle is a core value of the health sciences - we recognize it most readily as part of the doctors' Hippocratic Oath, which states "First, do no harm."

" . . . These are not the school board's children we are talking about. They are MINE. The school board is quite literally planning to do unauthorized, unethical research - without transparency, without consent, and completely ignoring the precautionary principle - on my children, and on every other child who attends one of its schools. The school board DOES NOT have the right to experiment on my children. It DOES NOT have the right to make decisions that may affect my children's health, now and in the future. And it DOES NOT have the right to decide whether the level of risk associated with prolonged Wi-Fi exposure is acceptable for my children. Only I have that right. And I say "NO."

Apr 18

Letter re Wi-Fi in Schools from Dr. Stephen Sinatra

TO: Chairman and Trustees of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board Education Centre

"The heart is a delicate and complex electromagnetic organ that can be adversely affected by exogenous signals from wireless technology and microwave radiation. For this reason it is unwise to expose students and teachers to Wi-Fi radiation for internet access, especially when safer alternative wired options are available . . ."

Apr 18

Le Conseil pour des Radiations Sans-fil Securitaires ( CRSS)
interpelle les chefs des partis federaux sur les risques de l'exposition aux radiations micro-ondes des technologies sans fil.

"Lundi 18 avril 2011, Queen's Park, Le Conseil pour des Radiations Sans-fil Securitaires interpelle les dirigeants federaux sur les risques sanitaires de la technologie sans fil en affichant un premier bulletin de rendement pour chacun des cinq principaux partis politiques federaux . . ."

Apr 18

Wireless Radiation Safety Council to challenge Federal leaders on wireless health risks

Mothers of children affected by wireless fear for the health and safety of their children will speak

TORONTO, April 17 /CNW/ - On Monday, April 18, 2011 at Queen's Park the Wireless Radiation Safety Council (WRSC) will challenge the Federal leaders on wireless health risks in releasing its first-ever Report Card on five major federal political parties.

Mothers of children affected by wireless radiation in public and private schools will describe why they fear the health and safety of their children is being compromised.

Members of the WRSC also will outline a series of questions posed in open letters to the leaders of the five major federal political parties.

WRSC members also will discuss their creative proposals for moving forward after the May 2nd Federal Election, including an innovative suggestion to use mirror legislation to address the gaps and overlaps that plague the current regulatory system.

Apr 17

Open Letter: Wi-Fi in Schools is both Negligent and Dangerous.


Open Letter: WiFi in Schools is both Negligent and Dangerous.

"Chairperson and Trustees, I write this open letter to bring your attention to the potential harm you may be doing to both students and staff at schools in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board because of your eager rush to install wireless internet access. By your actions, you will expose young children (and their teachers) to microwave radiation for 6 hours each school day, 5 days a week, for 40 weeks each year. This exposure will be 1200 hours each year, year after year. Never in history have children been exposed to such high levels of microwave radiation. No studies have tested either the short-term or long-term effects of this microwave exposure on children. Indeed, if I wanted to conduct such human experiments at Trent University, they would be deemed unethical and I would be denied permission to proceed!. . ."

Apr 17

"Concerns about radiofrequency (RF) and microwave health and safety issues for students at Mountainview Elementary School (MES), Collingwood, Ontario, were raised with the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) as it began to roll out wireless local area network (LAN also called WiFi) internet access services. The concerns focus on wireless routers used to provide connections to the Internet for computers on school property and about the exposure of computer (particularly laptop) users, especially children and young adults . . ."

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